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        Underwater sensor networks (UWSNs) are the next generation’s networks. The unique characteristics of the aquatic environment, that is low propagation speed, limited bandwidth, absence of GPS signaling, floating node mobility and limited acoustic link capacity are different from those of RF based networks. Moreover, the energy is also limited. Many kinds of research are going to overcome this problem and the network protocol design, especially in MAC and PHY layer, has already succeeded. However, the cross layer protocol design will be a great works to apply to the UWSNs design in the future.


Underwater sensor network communication 

Research Area

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The earth is a water planet with the base of life that is dependent on water. About two-thirds of the earth is covered with the ocean that is still unexplored. The ocean, called the treasure-house of resources, is integrated with activities like transportation between countries, global climate regulation, underwater natural oil & gas, large range of food supplier, find other valuable minerals, monitoring the sea beds for any natural disaster like Tsunami, sea beds volcanoes that may change the geographical structure of the earth and control water pollution. We have to monitor our aquatic environments for environmental, scientific, commercial, safety and surveillance detection.

Introduction About us

Underwater sensor networks

Researchers around the world are doing a lot of studies and developing this technology day by day. Now it is possible to apply underwater sensor network concepts to some of our projects. These projects include monitoring water pollution and collect significant information of a particular area of ocean likes: ocean monitoring, resource inquiry, pollution supervision and disaster prevention.

We conduct research on fundamental research issues in UWSNs, including efficient acoustic communications, medium access control, reliable data transfer, and mobile ad-hoc network, etc. Our goal is to develop an applicable underwater technology in UWSNs for foreseeable future.


Special Communication Research Center also has test-bed and MAC based board to study UWASNs. The size of water tank is 1800cm (W) X 800cm (D) X 900cm (H) and MAC based board has a size, 30mm X 30mm.