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Underwater sensor networks (UWSNs) are the next generation’s networks. The unique characteristics of the aquatic environment, that is low propagation speed, limited bandwidth, absence of GPS signaling, floating node mobility and limited acoustic link capacity are different from those of RF based networks. Moreover, the energy is also limited. Many kinds of research are going to overcome this problem and the network protocol design, especially in MAC and PHY layer, has already succeeded. However, the cross layer protocol design will be a great works to apply to the UWSNs design in the future.

We conduct research on fundamental research issues in UWSNs, including efficient acoustic communications, medium access control, reliable data transfer, and mobile ad-hoc network, etc. Our goal is to develop an applicable underwater technology in UWSNs for foreseeable future. [Read more…]

Research Areas

Underwater Standardization

One of our main objectives is to design new standards related to the becoming prominent field of underwater network communication. Standardization topics: Information technology— Underwater Acoustic Sensor Network (UWASN) — Part 1: Overview and requirements Information technology— Underwater Acoustic Sensor

Internet of Things

IoT is more than smart homes and connected appliances, however. It scales up to include smart cities – thinks of connected traffic signals that monitor utility use, or smart bins that signal when they need to be emptied – and industry, with connected sensors

Underwater Network

서비스 융복합 시도 -UWSN(Underwater Sensor Network) 대비 데이터 활용 변화 -수직적(Vertical)이고 특정 응용 도메인에 한정적 → 수평적(Horizontal)이고 가용 가능한 모든 도메인에 활용 가능(대단위 클러스터링) -이기종의 다른 영역에서의 서비스와 융합되어 새로운 서비스 생성 기술 적용 지능화 서비스 -수중센서 데이터의 체계적 수집/관리