Welcome to Special Communication & Convergence Service Research Center!

Our center is specialized in the study of special communications and based convergence services techniques. For the latest, we perform researches in Internet-of-Underwater-Things and Multi-medium based SDM, as well as members of our research center took an active part in developing standardization for underwater communication for the past years. We conducted research on fundamental issues in underwater sensor network communication, including efficient acoustic communications, medium access control, reliable data transfer, and mobile ad-hoc network, etc. Our goal is to develop an applicable high capable and high trustfulness network anywhere to extend the human sphere of activity to all areas of the earth.

 Above is the organization chart of our center.  There are two important areas of study in the center. The first is system development and the next is standardization using research results.

 Members of our center are published every year in journals, participate in local and international conferences and take an active part in scientific research for underwater communication.

We always are looking for new members in our team, who are ready to carry with our center research projects and help develop future communication!
 Special Communication Research Center, Kookmin University
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